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Need quality drain cleaning and repairs in St. Louis City, Mo, and St. Louis County, Mo? We’re your plumbers when it comes to getting the job done right, ensuring your drain and pipes are in proper working order, and keeping them that way going forward. Schedule your appointment with one of our skilled plumbers today! Our Plumbers at USA Plumbing Plus are trained to take on any plumbing issue that’s going on with your home.

Drain Cleaning & Repair Process

The drain cleaning & repair process has two major steps: drain cleaning and drain repair. Our plumbers will begin by inspecting your drains to ensure that they are functioning properly; oftentimes a clog is due to the normal wear-and-tear buildup of grime over time. After identifying any underlying problems in your plumbing system, our plumbers will clear out any blockages in your drain pipes with special equipment designed specifically for clearing out clogs from even narrow drains. We work quickly—clearing most drains within just one visit—but also carefully, so we don’t cause more damage than necessary. After our plumbers have cleared out your drains, we’ll run an additional cleanse through your system as a safeguard against future drain clogs; as part of our service, we can also install or fix any devices or parts in your plumbing system that may have been damaged during or before drain repair.

Quick Tips To Avoid Drain Problems

A Few Drain Tips Every Homeowner Should Know: Since drains are typically covered and out of sight, many homeowners don’t give them much thought or notice until there’s a problem. If you live in an older home that has galvanized pipes or one that was built with PVC piping and joints (which can fail over time), then you should keep an eye on your plumbing fixtures to avoid large and expensive problems in the future. Here are some drain tips every homeowner should know.


Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Inexperienced plumbers will often blame plumbing clogs on things like toilet paper and grease when it is actually something much simpler. These are issues that can be fixed by simply using a plunger or spending a few extra dollars to have someone remove the debris with an auger or water jetting machine. The most common cause of a clogged drain is one many people overlook: hair! Hair accumulation in drains can lead to serious plumbing problems if not taken care of quickly and properly.
Clogged Drain Cleaning


Common Causes of Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a fact of life in many houses today. If your house has a leaky pipe, you need to be sure that it is repaired quickly and properly. There are several common causes of leaky pipes that all homeowners should know about in order to prevent or repair these leaks as soon as possible. Leaky Drain & Pipe


Common Causes of Noisy Pipes

All pipes will make a little noise when pressure is applied to them, but that doesn’t mean they’re defective or need repair. One of the most common causes of noisy pipes is due to sediment buildup in your drain pipes; it causes them to vibrate and rattle.


3 Ways We Beat Competitors’ Prices in Our Area

1) When you’re a full-service plumbing business, you have more buying power. We cut costs in all sorts of ways that don’t show up on our pricing sheet, like purchasing in bulk and bargaining with vendors to get big discounts. 2) Our expert plumbers are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their work. We never cut corners because we’re committed to delivering a high-quality product at an affordable price every time. 3) Even though USA Plumbing Plus is one of St. Louis City, Mo, and St. Louis County, Mo most respected drain cleaning and repair companies, we believe it’s important to remain transparent when communicating with clients. That means telling them exactly how much they will pay before they commit to any work being done.


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